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Yield Farms for the Alpha Quadrant

What is Spock?

The Fantom Assimilation mission is continuing successfully, with each successive Yield Farm focusing on a different set of liquidity providers:

The Rules of Acquisition Go Warp Speed

BORGSWAP Roadmap Expansion

Assimilate.Finance started on Ethereum, expanded to Binance Smart Chain and now the Fantom Assimilation is fully underway.

Ferengi Vaults pulls from some of the best projects on the #Fantom Network:

  • 75% Harvest Lockup to Prevent Dumping (similar to PaintSwap)
  • 10% Transfer Tax to…

Lower Fees and Quicker Transactions Going at Warp Speed

What is Fantom?

Fantom is a parallel blockchain that is strikingly similar to Ethereum, except that it is secured by the aBFT consensus algorithm which allows it to scale higher, process more transactions per second and provide transaction confirmation in 1–2 seconds.

Learn more about Fantom at Fantom.Foundation

What makes Fantom Competitive?

  • Trades are…

BORG-LPs on #BinanceSmartChain

BORGSWAP has now transitioned to Phase II of the plan.

Here were the phases of deployment outlined in the beginning of March:

  • Phase I: Deploy Klingon Yield Farms to Build $KLING (Klingon Token) Liquidity.
  • Phase II: Deploy BORGSWAP Factory and Router Smart Contracts to enable swapping within the BORG ecosystem.
BORGSWAP.Exchange — Swapping Frontend

Now that Phase II has launched, we…

Additional Layers Add Depth and Game Theory

Yield Farming is profitable on BSC, but the most profit in the Yield Farm is at the inception, the point at which the earnings start flowing and people decide if they are going to compound, or sell off.

This is why BORGSWAP is…

Since the introduction of the BORGSWAP Yield Farms, we have farmed more than 100 $KLING to the community. While most Yield Farming tokens have been subject to inflation that has dropped price, $KLING has appreciated in price.

$KLING / $BUSD Price

An Honorable Death

To maintain scarcity, we have burned the KLING Minted to the Original Deployer (100x $KLING). This has ensured that we keep our total KLING supply low.

BORGSWAP has been on the Assimilate.Finance roadmap since the origin of the project. BORGSWAP is both a swapping and Yield Farm dApp designed for all projects in the Alpha Quadrant (Assimilate.Finance Ecosystem).

BORGSWAP — Yield Farms and Swapping for the Alpha Quadrant

We will deploy BORGSWAP in a Phased Deployment:

  • Phase I — BORGSWAP: Klingon Yield Farm — this will…

Since our last update, we have released the Ferengi Vaults and expanded the ecosystem to include BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

Updated Roadmap

  • The Assimilate.Finance Ecosystem started out on ETH in Q4–2020.
  • We have since expanded to BSC and delivered several tokens and the Ferengi Vaults in Q1–2021.

Future Plans:
Q3: BORG Interchain (BSC <-> ETH v1.0)
Q4: BORG v2.0 Interchain (BSC <-> ETH v2.0)

Additional Information:

The Ferengi Vaults have added the most recent capability which is Bank-based lending of Gold Pressed Latinum (GPL) for EARS Reward Tokens.

The Overall Vaults + Bank Architecture

Ferengi Vaults — Tokens:

Here is an overview of the tokens available for staking in the vaults.

Follow the #RulesofAquisition to Profit

New Staking Options

The Ferengi Vaults have added staking options for additional crypto and DeFi token pairs:


The ability to stake with crypto pairs is unique to BSC in that Binance supports many of the top #10 crypto market assets in a wrapped form, allowing them to circulate freely on the Binance Smart Chain without needing a bridge to support them.

Locutus of BORG

Resistance is Futile. We have assimilated multiple profit mechanisms to create one collective.

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